SN No Planning Design Civil Work Interiors
1 Market Research Site Master Planning Excavation Flooring
2 Feasibility Report Functional & Space Program Foundation False Ceiling
3 Budgeting Architectural design Superstructure Joinery, Partition
4 ROI Structure design Construction of the building Paneling
5 HVAC design Façade Carpentry
6 Water supply & sanitation system Window Glazing Furnishing (Manual & Modular)
7 Fire suppression system planning & design Fabrication: Stainless steel, Aluminum, MS
8 Electrical design (including low voltage system design) Paint & Polish
9 Technical Specifications for the above services Utilities: Carpets, Murals, Blinds & Curtains
10 Bill Of Quantity Audi theatre acoustic treatment
11 Sound insulation
12 Electrical
14 Plumbing
15 Security systems
16 Fire Alarm
17 Data & Networking
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