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At Torex is not just an organization which deals in business transactions related to interior design and build work but is also a responsible employer, which takes utmost care of its resources (Human, Machinery, Material & Time) and the environment. We endeavour to conduct our operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Health, Safety and Environment protection are the responsibility of every employee at Torex.

We are committed to

  • Comply with the Health, environmental and safety practices of all the stakeholders. (Our customers and our personals)
  • To take adequate measures to avoid any kind of environmental pollution.
  • Mitigating risk in our operations and providing an injury and occupational illness free work environment
  • Provide adequate and sufficient resources for an injury and occupational illness free work environment

Objective “Safety”

We ensure that every employee/vendor/customer returns home safe and healthy. We practise the best possible permutation combinations to ensure that everyone reaches home safely.

Policy and Safety Stand

Labours and vendors are to make known Torex Policy and Safety Stand to their ground personnel. It shall be displayed in the following areas:

  • Site Office
  • Meeting Room
  • General Work Area

Translations of the EHS Policy and Safety Stand shall also be displayed on Notice Board The Project Manager will report to the Managing Director and is responsible for the effective implementation of the Company Safety, Health and Environmental Policy and the project EHS arrangements and management. He shall fully support EHS requirements, procedures and policies by allocating adequate resources to managers, engineers and supervisors, to implement EHS management system and fulfill requirements. He shall be responsible for the following:

  • Lead the overall EHS program and procedures;
  • Demonstrating EHS ownership and leadership;
  • Overall in-charge and accountable for the EHS management and performance at
  • project level in promoting an injury and occupational illness free workplace and work
  • operations do not cause any severe impact to the environment;
  • Communicate importance of EHS throughout project;
  • Take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others who might be affected by what they do or not do;
  • Report any work situation, defect or shortcoming in EHS arrangement that might endanger themselves or others;
  • Use all items and equipment provided correctly in accordance to the training and instructions that they have received;
  • Not to act in a reckless and / or careless way.