How Commercial Interior Designers Are Different from Residential Interior Designers?

The interior designers are the ones who are assigned the responsibility to beautify a space while considering various architectural and technological requirements of the place. People hire interior designers to upscale the look of their property. Now, many people get confused between a commercial interior designer and a residential interior designer. In this blog, I’ll try to clear your doubts by discussing various factors on which they differ. 

Who is a Residential interior designer?

As the term suggests, the residential interior designers are those, who deal with interior designing projects for residential spaces, including bungalow interior design, apartment interior design, small cottages, and other such projects. 

The residential interior designers work closely with the client to ensure that they can infuse their vibe, taste, style, and preferences in the décor of their homes. The other significant factors that the residential interior designers need to consider, including paying attention to various safety standards and building codes or bungalow codes.

 They need to take care of the personal requirements of the owner. There might be some residential interior designers you come across, who are specialists in kitchen interiors, luxury house interiors, or custom appliance design. 

Who are Commercial interior designers?

A commercial interior designer’s job is to work on spaces other than residential. It includes public spaces of various kinds like shops, restaurants, stores, hotels, banks, malls, modern office interiors, etc. It is a far more diverse work field than the residential interior designer. There is a wide range of requirements and objectives that need to be considered by commercial interior designers working on different projects.

Commercial interior designers need to focus on a whole different set of rules and regulations in their interior design projects.  

The various factors where residential and commercial interior designers differentiate:

Design requirements

The design requirement is very different in both projects. The residential interior designers need to undertake the clients’ expectations and have to give a homely and personal touch to the project design. The residential interior designers aim to make the space livable. 

Commercial interior designers usually have to work on larger public spaces. It leads to making the designer’s job crucial to deal with various technical requirements, even on the most basic designs. 


Commercial interior designers have to deal with more sub-specialties. It depends on the type of building they are working on. For instance, designing the interiors of the mall will require more sub-specialties, including the food court, hallways, and individual stores. 


The work of a residential interior designer does not require any branding expectations. They do not have to consider brand image before planning the interiors of residential spaces. Whereas, the main focus of a commercial interior designer is to incorporate the business image in the design. The client needs a well-planned and unique design that expresses its brand motto. 


Commercial interior designers can transform the face of your working space or any commercial property with their skills and creativity. Hiring a commercial interior designer for your property, be it an office or store, can help you grow and succeed. Smart interior design has the power to turn a failing business into a booming one.

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